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2014.6.10 FOCtek Lens appears in the 14th Shanghai social public security products expo  06-11

2014.5.19 About Sanming FOCtek  05-27

2014.5.18 Sanming FOCtek held a launch ceremony  05-27

2013.10.18 FOCTEK Sincerely invite you to CPSE in Shenzhen  03-19

2013.10.10 FOCtek Chairman, General manager send a letter to all employees  03-19

2013.09.21 The biggest function is identification analysis in intelligent traffic monitoring  03-19

2013.2.15FOCtek attended Photonics West 2013 Exhibition successfully which held in America  03-19

2012.11.26 FOCtek won the "EXFO gold supplier" award again  03-19

2012.5.21The chairman's remarks-FOCtek of what he hopes.  03-19

2012.3.5Our General manager Huang Muwang was awarded the second ten oustanding personel in Fuzhou  03-19

2012.3.3 FOCTEK imported new German optical transfer function measuring instrument  03-19

2012.1.24 FOCtek division success in Photonics West 2012 exhibition held in the United States  11-15

2012.1.13 FOCtek division has won the honorary title of EXFO gold supplier  11-15

2011.12.29 FOCtek joint-stock restructuring to become FOCtek of fujian branch photoelectric co.LTD  11-15

2011.10.10The FOCtek celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of fuzhou  11-15

2011.8.1 FOCtek introduced new German LEYBOLD Coating Machine  11-15

2011.6.18 FOCtek division to carry out the "basic management skills upgrading training.  11-15

2011.5.14 Yuan Rongxiang secretary of municipal party committee of a line to the ford family visit  11-15

2011.4.22 company organization outside the province on April 22  10-21

2011.2.21 Foctek attended the Photonics West 2011exhibition successfully which held in USA  03-18

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